Tips and Tricks to Keep your Kids Brushing During COVID-19

Kids brushing teeth

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, getting the family to the dentist can be difficult if not completely out of the question. Many dental offices are completely closed, or only doing emergency procedures. Getting your kids, and yourself, to the recommended dentist visits may not be an option, so it’s more […]

Fall in Love with Your Smile with Jet Dental’s Teeth Whitening

Before and After Teeth Whitening

Thinking that you might like to brighten up your look? Teeth whitening might be the perfect solution. Having clean, white teeth can help you feel better about your smile and give you more confidence.  The Benefits We Provide Having clean, bright teeth can influence your ability to win people’s trust and interest. It can also […]

Oral Disease: How It’s Affecting You and How a Mobile Dentist Can Help

Some people may think about a severe lack of oral health and picture medieval peasants with blackened smiles and missing canines. They wipe their collective brow, thankful that poor oral health is a thing of the distant past. They may be surprised to find that oral disease is not quite as irrelevant today as many […]

Oral Health: What You Know, What You Don’t Know, and Onsite Health 

Jet Dental Mobile Dental Van Being Unloaded

Keeping your mouth and teeth healthy is a crucial skill. While it has become a common topic of discussion starting at early childhood, it is important to continually reiterate how important oral health is to ourselves and our loved ones. With as second nature as oral care has become, sometimes it takes a back seat […]