Jet Dental.
Increase Employee Health and Wellness.

We do all the work and you take all the credit.

Jet Dental is a free on-site Dental Service.  We bring the dentist to your workplace to provide preventative and restorative care at NO COST. 
That’s right, employers and employees PAY NOTHING, we simply bill the insurance you already have. 

Benefits of Using Jet Dental

Saves Everyone Time

Employees don't have to take half a day off to go see the dentist. Less work hours are missed. Our appointments are less than 1 hour. Win - Win for everyone.

Improve Employee Health

By making it convenient to see a dentist, we enable your employees to actually use their benefits. Poor oral health has been linked to serious medical problems including hyperten-sion, diabetes, oral cancers, kidney failures, and heart disease.

Save Money

Our service is no cost to the company or the employee, we simply bill the insurance you already provide!

Easy to Setup

It is super easy to set up a Jet Dental clinic. You pick a date you have an available space for us and we take care of the rest!

A Benefit You Already Offer

Jet Dental is a great no cost service using the dental insurance you already offer to your employees. We simply bill the insurance. Procedures typically covered include a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and cleaning. We also offer fillings, scaling and root planing and professional teeth whitening on-site.

Improve Your Employee's Health & Wellness

Half of adult Americans have gum disease whom are 2x as likely to die from a heart attack, and 3x as likely to have a stroke. Our dentists and hygienists screen for oral cancer. With proper treatment planning, we can improve your employees’ health—while providing a more confident smile at the same time.

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