Your employees will love our free onsite dental service.

Did you know that....

0 Million

hours of work and school are lost each year from visiting the dentist.

$ 0 Billion

is lost in productivity each year due to unplanned dental care. 

0 % Decrease in $$

in future dental costs for people who do receive regular preventive dental exams

0 % Increase in $$

in annual dental costs for people who don’t receive regular preventive dental exams


Enhance your employee experience with professional onsite dental service at your workplace.

A Benefit You Already Offer

Jet Dental is a great no cost service using the dental insurance you already offer to your employees. We simply bill the insurance. Procedures typically covered include a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and cleaning. We also offer fillings, scaling and root planing and professional teeth whitening onsite.


We bring our dental team to your workplace, making it more convenient for your employees to utilize the great benefits your company offers, while improving their overall health. Already have a dentist? We work with them!

Improve Your Employees Health

Half of adult Americans have gum disease whom are 2x as likely to die from a heart attack, and 3x as likely to have a stroke. Our dentists and hygienists screen for oral cancer. With proper treatment planning, we can improve your employees’ health—while providing a more confident smile at the same time.

0 %
Haven't Visited Dentist

Most have not been to the dentist in over two years.

0 %
Have Cavities

Seven out of ten we see have cavities that have yet to be treated

0 %
Don't Know Benefits

The majority of insured don’t understand preventive dental care is a “free” benefit. 

Just a few of our awesome friends

  • “We surveyed our people after Jet Dental came, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are excited to have them back.”


  • “Jet Dental is not only a genius concept, but their execution is flawless. From initial communication to setting appointments to providing excellent service, Jet Dental is a win for both employees and employers!”


  • “Our experience with Jet Dental has been frictionless—no additional work for my HR/benefits team, incredibly convenient for employees to receive dental services, easy setup, no contracts, and no up front costs.”


  • “Thanks, Jet Dental to give us the opportunity to have your services at our work place (Ping) ….. What a good experience. Very nice and friendly staff, what a professional team!!!”


  • “Jet Dental came to our work (Solutionreach) and did an awesome job! They were very professional and friendly.”


  • “Jet Dental is the new way of getting your dental work done for the busy times we live in today! They stopped by MasterControl today and I got my teeth cleaning without having to leave the building! With how busy society is today, to have a company that understands needs is priceless!”


  • “I visited Jet Dental at Cal State Fullerton … It was a great experience, with friendly, professional service, much more advanced than I would have anticipated for a mobile trailer. I honestly hope this is the future of dentistry in the United States, especially because it is free to employees with insurance … The staff is awesome in their ability to multi-task, while meeting the needs of each patient. ”


  • “They came to Young Living where I’m employed (wonderful company to work for by the way). Jet Dental was super fast and efficient!!! The staff was also friendly and knowledgeable!!!”


  • “This is the greatest service ever. My company Snap Finance offers this to their employees. Jet Dental comes in for general teeth cleanings, check ups, teeth whitening, and general “fix its”. In the two times they have come I have had 3 teeth fixed. They are professional and super friendly. It is such a great service they offer. If you haven’t tried it you should! They are the best!!.”



Already a Jet Dental Patient?

Visit our Patient Portal to pay your bills online and get help with scheduling or managing your appointments. 


How It Works


There is no cost to you or your employees. We bill directly to your already existing dental insurance company. Most insurance policies’ include two free exam and cleaning benefits per year.

We work with all major dental insurance. We automatically bill the insurance directly so neither you nor your employee have to.

Preventative procedures typically covered by dental insurance benefits include a comprehensive exam, x-rays, and cleaning

We provide preventative and restorative care onsite at your company such as cleanings, x-rays, exams, oral cancer screenings, fillings, sealants, and cavity treatments. We also provide professional grade teeth whitening on-site. 

If you require more complex procedures, we refer you to a highly-rated, local dentist that is in your insurance network. 

Yes! We provide top-of-class Glo system teeth whiting onsite, or you can choose a professional take home kit option. Our cost is drastically discounted compared to a typical dentist office since we are direct to patient.

We work with any dentist. We will gladly transfer all exam findings and x-rays to your personal dentist office if needed.

We would be delighted to speak with you about offering our service to your employees. Please contact us by email or call us at (801) 430-9262.


Dental Care. That Cares.

Our own Dr. Nick Lafeber is the founder and director of the Hayes Hope Dental Clinic which provides free dental care to those in need including children and refugees of all ages. For every company we service, Jet Dental will gladly donate the resources to support a family (or individual) in need of dental work.

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