Jet Dental: Mobile Dental Clinic in Ohio

We Bring the Dentist to Your Workplace

Jet Dental is now in Ohio! Pop-up dental services are revolutionizing dental care, and we are expanding our services across the US in order to meet the demand. Businesses everywhere are using traveling dentists to make life easier for their company and employees. We are happily finding a home in the Buckeye State, and whether you are located in Cleveland, Columbus, or Cincinnati, we are eager to be your on-site OH dentist. Our mobile dental clinic travels to Toledo, Akron, Dayton, and everywhere in between. Even if you are not located in one of these major areas, our mobile dentistry clinic serves all parts of the state.

Providing easy, quick, and virtually costless on-site dentistry is what we do. Companies and organizations throughout the state are jumping on this opportunity. Jet Dental has found a way to turn one of the most inconvenient, rudimentary necessities into something easy. The best part is that you don’t need to compromise quality for speed. Our highly trained dentists, dental assistants, and office staff can provide you with stellar dental care and a painless process. Check out our Google Reviews to see how other businesses have benefited from these services.

Keep smiling, Ohio!

What’s So Great About Working With Jet Dental Mobile Dentists?

We bring everything to you. You cut out travel time for your employees entirely. We bring dental chairs, privacy walls, x-ray machines, everything necessary to have a full dental exam and many basic dental procedures. Mobile dentists are all about convenience. All you need to provide is a conference room, break room, or any other open space and then we set up a full dentists office in your very own building. 

By providing an on-site dentist for your employees, they no longer have to request time off to get their routine check up and basic dental processes. All they do is walk up the hallway to the chosen conference room and then they’re back in their desk within an hour.

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How Much Does Jet Dental Cost?

You’re probably wondering how we can provide full, high quality dental services at the round number of zero dollars. There is no cost to a Jet Dental pop-up clinic because we work directly with the dental insurance your company already provides for your employees. Jet Dental is in-network with every major insurance carrier in the nation, so as long as your employees have insurance they can rest easy and know that they’re taken care of. The only charges they may incur are the modest copay fees they would pay at the normal dentist when they request a more intensive procedure, like getting cavities filled or a deep clean. But even a deep clean can be a more positive experience if you eliminate the appointment set up, the hassle, and the travel time associated with the traditional dentist!

What’s The Process To Work With Jet Dental?

Setting up a Jet Dental mobile dentist visit at your office is only a little harder than ordering yourself a coffee. Seriously. Here’s a small summary of the process of working with Jet Dental

Schedule a Call

Set up a quick 15 minute phone call with one of our team members and see if your company is a good fit for our no-cost pop-up dental clinic.

Reserve a Date

Next, choose an open space in your office and a date that works best for your company. Just about any space works - breakrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, etc. We cater to your needs.
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Send Employee Invite

Jet Dental creates a co-branded digital sign-up flyer and you simply forward it your employees. They'll book appointments directly with us through our easy online booking system. We do all the work, you get all the credit!
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How Is The Experience For Employees?

The HR department will send out an email informing employees that Jet Dental will be coming to the office. All the employee has to do is click on the link in the email to choose a time for their appointment and select what dental work they need to have done. Jet Dental will send each employee an event invitation and a reminder the day before the appointment.

On the day of their appointment, the employee just needs to walk down the hall to the designated area of the office. Appointments usually last one hour and include a wide range of procedures:

  • cleaning,
  • consultations,
  • x-rays,
  • comprehensive exams,
  • fillings,
  • scaling and root planing,
  • professional teeth whitening, etc.

The procedures are completely sanitary and comparable to any service you would receive in a traditional dental office.  Not to mention, we scrupulously follow all OSHA and CDC sanitation guidelines. Picture a five star rated dentist that magically appears when you say “Six month checkup”, and you’ve got Jet Dental. 

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