Learn more about how Jet Dental puts patient safety first.

Why Jet Dental is
Safe to Use

Jet Dental has always been committed to providing a safe, high-quality experience for our patients and are continuing to take the necessary steps in order to provide a sterile environment. Our standard operating procedures and protocols follow all of the procedures and guidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control & Infection, The American Dental Association, and OSHA. Our highly-trained team of professionals follows strict regulations for preventing the spread of infectious diseases including HIV, hepatitis, and influenza on a daily basis.

How Jet Dental Combats the Spread of Infectious Diseases. 

Eight Foot Radius

The CDC recommends keeping a six feet radius between employees. Our rooms are already setup with at least 8 feet in between.

No Large Meetings

We typically only see 3 to 4 patients per hour, and we keep them separated.

Hand Sanitizer Available

As always we will have hand sanitizer available for patients.

Masks and Gloves

All of our team members already use masks, eyewear, and gloves with each patient. The gloves and masks are replaced between each patient.

Equipment Sanitized and Tested

As always, our equipment is sanitized and, per infectious control guidelines, is spore tested.

Sanitizing Surfaces

Between each patient, as always, we sanitize every surface.

Identifying Symptoms

We will assess each patient prior to their appointment. If we see a patient that has any symptoms of COVID-19, such as cough or shortness of breath, we will provide a mask for them to use and reschedule their appointment.


Many of the tasks completed by our team produce little to no aerosols, however, for the procedures that do generate aerosols we have identified a number of solutions that we will implement based on guidance from the CDC, OSHA, and local health agencies. These solutions may include the use of hand-scaling only, a hands-free dental isolation system that eliminates about 90% of all aerosols, or even avoiding performing certain procedures on site.

We utilize a hand-held digital x-ray device with the latest x-ray technology. To keep operators and patients safe, the x-ray unit has two highly devised shielding features. A unique, lead-impregnated acrylic shield protects the operator from direct and scatter radiation while an internal housing encases the X-ray tube and backscatter shield to block radiation leakage. These shields create a “safe zone” for the operator, and reduced exposure for the patient, throughout the acquisition process.

Prior to every shift, every Jet Dental employee will complete a symptom evaluation and temperature reading. If an employee does not meet the standards for any portion of the evaluation they will be immediately sent home to recover.

Wherever possible, we use disposable instruments that are only used for a single patient. For instruments that are non-disposable, our staff will sterilize them between every patient with an ultrasonic cleaner and a steam-heated autoclave that is verified with indicator packaging and test trips. Everything remains in their sterile packaging until the dentist or hygienist is ready to use them on the patient

Our team utilizes medical grade disinfectant spray and wipes, according to the manufacturer’s directions, to disinfect all surfaces and equipment between every patient appointment. When possible, we also cover all items, or surfaces, with disposable impervious barriers if they are likely to become contaminated and are difficult to clean and disinfect.

You will notice that when you arrive for an appointment that our waiting area will practice social distancing standards with added space between chairs. As you are brought back into the clinical area you will find that each of the patient exam chairs have spatial barriers and will be placed at least 8 feet apart.

Based on recent recommendations, you will notice a few simple changes that will serve as an added measure of safety for Jet Dental patients and employees (please note that this may not be all inclusive):


  • COVID-19 specific consent forms, used to prevent patients with COVID-19 symptoms from signing up for an appointment.
  • COVID-19 symptom questionnaire performed with each patient as they arrive for a scheduled appointment as a follow up to ensure they aren’t exhibiting symptoms. This will also include temperature checks.
  • COVID-19 symptom and temperature check completed with all Jet Dental staff before they are allowed to start their shift.
  • Masks available for all patients that don’t have their own for use while dental work is not being done.
  • Social distancing enforced within our waiting area and clinic.
  • Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) options available for the Jet Dental staff to utilize as needed.

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